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Getting There is Half the Fun

We are writing this blog entry while sitting in our cozy room at the Callart View B & B in Glencoe.  The view from the window beside our bed is amazing!  This view does not look like Henniker!

A view of Loch Leven from the window in our room of our B&B in Glencoe

A view of Loch Leven from the window in our room of our B&B in Glencoe

Leaving our delightful B &B in Portree on the Isle of Skye, our friendly innkeeper recommended taking the scenic drive to Ord where we were taking the ferry to Mallaig.  Yes, the route was definitely scenic, and we did see the Ciullians from the backside  ….. all while braving 13 miles of the narrow, one lane road!  Dave’s description of this wonderful diversion was “The Single-Track From Hell”.  The road was very narrow with no shoulder, severe drop-offs and no guard rails, and to make things just a little more thrilling, it was dotted with blind hills, which often bent left or right just past the crest. Cresting a blind hill on Scottish Single-Track

View from the beach near Ord Scotland

A view from the beach near Ord, Scotland

The backside of the Ciullians, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The backside of the Ciullians, reachable only by death defying single-track

The views were wonderful but it was impossible to pull off the narrow lane, and the passing “pull-offs” were never at a scenic spot in the road. Driving up the back of Mt Saint Helens with no guard rails a couple years ago was easier.  However, our Inn Keeper was correct. The 15 miles were memorable.  We will remember to never drive that route again… But we are glad we did it once.  Many adventures in life are like that.

A quick ferry ride and we were back on the Scottish mainland, in the town of Mallaig, the start of a drive through some amazing scenery toward our destination of Glencoe. On the ferry from Skye to Mallaig, Scotland If you saw the Harry Potter movie than you recall the old steam train crossing over the huge viaduct that the train passed over. This track is just outside of Glennfinnan.  Knowing the train would pass mid afternoon, we stopped and walked out to the old viaduct and waited, along with a number of other photographers who had their cameras aimed up at the top of the viaduct.  Sure enough, we could hear the train approach and it passed right over us.  Fun to see.

Glenfinnan Viaduct with steam train

The steam train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct

What a view!

What the train’s passengers see from the Glenfinnan Viaduct

That night was spent in Fort Williams. The room was lovely but lacked the charm of the small B & B’s where we have been staying.  However, the town had a wonderful store and I can now come home with a heavier suitcase! More amazing scenery brought us to historic Glencoe, and an accidental and lovely B & B.


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