The Election

The flight to Scotland, on Aer Lingus, was as quick as possible. We passed through Dublin, a drab airport with friendly people. In Edinburgh the easiest way to get into the city was the bus…quick, convenient, cheap (Dave: I must be a Scotsman at heart).


On the day we arrived , Scotland was having their big election and there was evidence of that everywhere. Lots of “Yes” buttons on folks, and a few “No” signs. We were told that the Yes side is passionate about their feelings while the No side is more private, thus the lopsided presentation of preference. Scotland-DayOne-2
Later in the evening we passed no less than four TV crews shooting “live coverage” on the streets in downtown Edinburgh. From our little garret bedroom of our hotel, we woke about 1:00AM to the sounds of cheering, horns and singing. Results were coming in from the election. Voting never ends in Scotland until 10:00 at night. When we asked about this late hour for polls to be open, the response was that they had to be open that late as how else would working people vote? This is common throughout Europe. The US should learn that lesson.

The day was a bit misty and cool. Edinburgh castle was a surprise as it’s preeminence on top of a cliff was more imposing than any picture we’d seen. At the end of the day, we felt like we had already seen and done a lot….. and that was with very little sleep!Scotland-DayOne-1-2


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